A Good Day for Alexey Molchanov

Today was a good day for Alexey Molchanov. This fourth day of freediving at Suunto Vertical Blue proved to be in the cards for the Russian freediver. Delivering a much cleaner surface protocol than he offered the first day, Alexey ascended into history by successfully completing a Constant Weight (CWT) dive to an astounding 126m. With today's dive Alexey retains his world record status in the CWT discipline. Will this push Trubridge to announce 127? Are there more world records in store for this last event of the AIDA World Cup? Stay tuned as there are still five more days of intense competition still yet to unfold.

In addition to Alexey, today we saw another 10 national records being set, including two for Chile and two for France. So far an incredible 25 national records have been set at Dean's Blue Hole this week, and with Alexey joining Ashley Futral Chapman we‘ve now seen two world records in just four days. Records for the day include:

. Macaren Benitez, Chile 45m FIM

. Simon Bennet, Chile 42m CNF

. Guillaume Nery, France 118m CWT

. Rob King, USA 94m CWT

. Misuzu Hirai, Japan 87m CWT

Morgan Bourc'his, France & European (continental) 86m CNF . Mariafelicia Carraturo, Italy 79m CWT

. Yaron Hoory, Israel 78m CWT

. Iru Balic, Venezuela 70m CWT

. Alejandro Lemus, Mexico 61m FIM

126m feels good to Alexey. (photo © Igor Libertí)

Air expanding, Guillaume rises. (photo © Igor Liberti)

Forza Italia - Mariafelicia Carraturo (photo © Igor Liberti)

A berry, berry good dive for Iru. (photo © Igor Libertí)

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