Moanui sweet cherry powder

Anyone who's been following their food blogs might have heard of the power of

tart cherries. They contain natural melatonin, which, among other things, is a key compound that regulates stress, enhances sleep and may boost the immune


Thanks to overhead depletion of the ozone layer, meaning higher UVB light, New Zealand's sweet cherries have a far higher melatonin concentration than tart cherries, or almost any other natural source, and are also bursting with

antioxidants. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory qualities of these cherrys' anthocyanins are comparable to over-the-counter drugs.

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Now a company called Fruision has produced a freeze-dried powder capsule

supplement which condenses these qualities further, and keeps them active.

|t's called Cherr-x, and is only available from the NZ stockist Moanui.

For NZ$4O (about €25, or US$30) you get a jar of 60 x 500mg capsules - about a month's supply. been taking a gram a day for a couple of months now, and I seem to be able to recover quicker from the harder 3-session training days. Levels of perceived stress have been reduced as well, although there are other variables that could be involved in this.

So if you'll accept this non-peer-reviewed appraisal from an ex-biologist and athlete then the product is well-worth trying! Especially if you are trying to balance a heavy work load with hard training, and your sleep is having to pay the bill for it all!

LINKS: PDF of Cherr-x Moanui website