results - DAY 3

Here are the official results from day three - the last of Act One in Vertical Blue 2011.

Three national records fell today, the first to Igor Liberti, who has been freediving for more than a decade, but is competing in his first event. Igor was the photographer at both the AIDA World Champs in 2009 and Project Hector last year. He dove to 76 meters in Free Immersion to set a new record for Switzerland.

Alfredo Roën, who lives and trains in the Canary Islands, and is the Spanish national champion in the pool, set his first depth national record with a clean and comfortable 85 meters in Constant Weight. So comfortable in fact that he gave the bottom plate camera a wave, to the delight of the surface crew who were following him on the live monitor. Macarena improved her Chilean national record, with a 45m Constant Weight dive completed in a speedy 1:33. This is her first competition as well, and she has definitely risen to the occasion!

There were solid dives from Lena, Jyri and Natalia as well, while Junko, Simon, Walter, Carolina and Dave all made early turns. Carla-Sue completed her CNF dive to 46m, and stayed strong on the surface, but unfortunately went over time on the surface protocol.

Second-to-last, William Trubridge attempted a world record in Free Immersion. William writes:

l was fairly calm going into the dive, as l'd done a 120m dive in training in which I hit my head on the plate, andl knew ifl managed to equalise it should be fine. The descent was good, but when my second alarm went off at 115 I was already running out of air, and managed one last equalisation, before I had to ride my ears. I heard a strange noise from the left ear, just above the plate, and worried that I had ruptured the eardrum, I quickly grabbed at a tag, but lost the line in the process. From having done countless deep no fins dives, my first instinct was a no-fins stroke, which brought me back in contact with the line, and from there I continued to pull up it. Sometimes problems at depth convert to problems on the surface, but in this one I managed to stay relaxed during the ascent and completed the surface protocol cleanly for a tough but welcome world record.

Congratulations, William! What was the sound like? I notice a increasingly loud whooshing sound when I ride my ears (for up to 10m), but never broken anything! by Kurt on 2011-04-10 17:33:45

congratulations William.rnare the brazilian afraid to go deep? hahahahahahrn by Eric Sttepsem on 2011-04-10 19:53:07

Alfredo roën set a world record? he did great though, same goes to igor, will and macarena! Keep it up by patrick on 2011-04-11 04:44:24