Results - DAY 1

Preliminary results for Day 1 of Vertical Blue...

It was a great day for Chile, with the first mens and women's national records being set by Simon Bennett and Macarena Benitez. Unfortunately we will have to wait for the first world record of the competition, as Natalia Molchanova suffered a blackout on her 103 meter attempt.

Strong dives from Alfredo Roën, Carolina Schrappe and Junko Kítahama started off the day, before Walter Steyn hit a speed bump, with a surface blackout after ascending from 105m in Constant Weight.

Igor turned early at 64 meters, but was very clean on the surface, so it is just a question of equalisation for him at this point. Eric Fattah and Carla-Sue Hansen started out their campaigns well with conservative dives below their PB.

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