GoPro sponsors Vertical Blue 2011

H D Hmo This year at Vertical Blue 2011 we will be using GoPro cameras to record the action during the ascent and on the surface. A total of three GoPro Hero cameras will film in

full HD (high definition) from the best seats in the house: two will be mounted with head

-n _ _ _. . ._ - _ _ .. . - .. . _ _A .

straps to the A and B safety freedivers, who will follow each competitor up from 30 and 20 meters respectively. The third will be mounted to the diving platform to record the surfacing and reactions after the dive.

These cameras punch way above their weight, competing in side-by-side trials with cameras that are more than 10 times as expensive, and their light-weight housings are waterproof to 60 meters (though seen pressure chamber trials done to 76m without

any leaking).

Here is a sample of some footage taken by Alfredo Romo with a GoPro camera during training for Project Hector last year. Note the good contrast in low light levels, the smoothness of transition from underwater to above water filming, and the minimal lens flare when shooting into the sun.

We will do our best at posting as much footage as possible from these cameras both here and to the Vertical Blue Facebook page.

The complete kits that we will be using for filming are:

- Full HD Helmet Hero camera with rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery LCD BacPac1M

Anti-Fog Inserts

- 32GB SD Memory Card

photo © Igor Libertí

FYI, we used a GoPro as a bottom camera down to 83m! So I think you should test its limits further. by Kurt on 2011-04-10 17:03:04