A rope with a lot of history

Last year, when I attempted the hectometer dive (100 meters without fins),

close to 100 generous supporters put their names to a meter of the dive line 1 in order to help fund the attempt. In return they each received the actual

*É meter of the rope used to measure the attempt, and this is no ordinary


GloRope is 8mm dyneema core fluorescent rope from Genesis Light Line. We first used this particular stretch of rope in December 2009, when athletes from all over the world gathered to compete at the AIDA World Championship in Dean's Blue Hole. Some unseasonal bad weather meant that the flourescent glow was called on for the deeper divers during their training for the event. There Natalia Molchanova set a new world record without fins (CNF), and I did the same for the men, with 90m. Shortly after, Herbert Nitsch set world records in variable weight, constant weight and free immersion.

In April of 2010 no less than 6 world records were set using the same

stretch of rope: 92 and 95 meters in CNF, as well as 114, 116 and 120

meters in Free Immersion (FIM). The dyneema core means the rope is less stretchy than wire cable, making it rock solid in FIM ascents.

Then finally in December the rope was put into retirement with my CNF dive to 101 meters (331 feet). Since 2009 the rope has weathered months of agressive use, a suspected attack by a saw fish(!), and countless sliding carabiners, and has kept

on glowing its little heart out for treedivers. Now it shines down from the wall in 100 different locations around the world.

The best thing about the rope is that it is really no more expensive than regular dyneema of this thickness. With usage once or twice-weekly this rope and its glowing properties will last for many many years. Anyone interested in using it for their training or freediving competition can see prices at their website http://www. glorope. com/



Congratulations on your new world record William. You are truly an amazing athlete and above all, a wonderfully spirited man. by Dave on 2011-03-02 14: 17:02