This year the 'highest level course on offer in the world' is taking it up another notch, with no less than 2 world record holding instructors, and new course content.

The Master Class is Vertical Blue's flagship course, bringing together a team of experts to offer the highest caliber of instruction in the world's best freediving location, Dean's Blue Hole. For the first time, William Trubridge & Sara Campbell will collaborate to instruct students in all three depth disciplines, and they are joined by Sivananda Yoga instructor Britta Trubridge as well as other world-class assistant instructors.

• William Trubridge - world champion and world record holder in the no fins discipline, course director of Vertical Blue, William will be teaching the in-water sessions as well as most of the theory components of the course.

• Sara Campbell - the special guest instructor for 2010, Sara is the current world record holder for women in constant weight: she will be teaching in-water sessions as well as classes of Kundalini, a special type of yoga that contributed greatly to her rapid progression to world records.

• Britta Trubridge - Hatha yoga instructor from the prestigious Sivananda Vedanta school, Britta will be teaching a specially formulated program of yoga for freediving, as well as guided meditations.

PROGRAM The course will run from October 11 - 15 (5 days). We recommend arriving at least 2 days early in order to acclimatize, and allow airways a chance to recover from the ravages of air-conditioned flights!

For more information, or to book a place in the course, contact us at

IMPORTANT: There are a very limited number of places on this course, and we are anticipating more interest than normal this year, so if you plan on coming then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can reserve a place for you (we can hold a reservation for 1 week without a deposit). We hope to see you soon in the Bahamas for what promises to be a very exciting course!

William Trubridge Director, Vertical Blue