DeeDee Flores - official photographer for Vertical Blue


DeeDee's journey into freediving began with the desire to get closer to the animals she wanted to photograph. In 2009 she was bitten by the competitive freediving bug, first taking part in annual event in Grand Cayman, then completing the AIDAjudging course.

She was ajudge in learning at the AIDA World Championships in Dean‘s Blue Hole, and fell in love with the place, returning soon after to train with Vertical Blue. After seeing her photographs and passion for the sport she was invited to be the official photographer for Vertical Blue 2010

Here is a small sample of DeeDee's inspired work...

all photos copyright DeeDee Flores. For information

jelaous! Itis the greatest event taking place i n the greatest hole rnCan't wait to see the pictures! sure they will be awesome!

by Lukasz Klimczak on 2010-04-08 13:23:40