VB 2010 Profile - WILLIAM WINRAM

Holding the Canadian and North-American record in every discipline bar one (static apnea), William Winram comes to Vertical Blue 2010 as one of the great all-rounders of the sport.

He is known as a no-fins specialist, and has won the silver medal in the last two Individual world championships, most recently in the Bahamas in 2009 World Champs, where he finished with a strong 86 meter freedive in this discipline.

William is a citizen of Canada, with a french passport, a house in Hawaii, living in Switzerland, but he spends little time in any of those places, as he has a busy agenda as a true waterman traveling to film wild, uncaged encounters with great white and tiger sharks in South Africa and the Pacific, as well as run freediving courses in Greece..

In the past editions of Vertical Blue Winram has worked to narrow the gap in CNF with the other William (Trubridge), and he has stated that this is his intention for 2010 as well. Will he be able to cross the remaining four meters to the world record and enter the new decameter of the nineties?

statistics courtesy of http: / / apnea. cz/ ranking. html?

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