Jared Schmelzer is a relative newcomer to competitive freediving. He trains with Martin Étëpánek and the FII team in Florida, and is tenaciously perservering with bifins and a regular mask, which he has used in constant weight training dives to 70 meters (not far off from Rob King's national record, set with a monofin...)

Jared represented the USA in the world teams championships in 2008,

receiving three white cards, and was due to compete at the Individual World

E Champs last year, but was called away at the last minute by his duties as a

1 helicopter pilot.

Drawing on a grounding in Jiu Jitsu, and training in Florida's warm gulf stream off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, he has made steady progress in his

W performance, and was also the organiser of the Gulfstream Open

competition in July 2009.

statistics courtesy of http: / / apnea. cz/ ranking. html?

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