VB201O - The Athletes


16 athletes from 10 nations will compete at Vertical Blue this year. In alphabetical order they are:

Eric Fattah (1) Carla-Sue Hanson

Misuzu Hirai Robert King

Dave Mullins (4) Guillaume Nery (4) Herbert Nitsch (28 ) Frank Pernett

Niki Roderick

Alfredo Romo

Jared Schmelzer Ryuzo Shinomiya

Martin Stepanek (13) Walter Steyn

William Trubridge (8 ) William Winram

In case you are wondering what the numbers next to the names are, they are the number of world records set during the athlete's career. A total of 58 records between all the competitors, almost all of whom are national champions in one or more disciplines. This is the strongest field for a Vertical Blue event, or any freediving competition other than AIDA the world championships. The format, the incredible venue and the dizzying depths being reached by some of these athletes all foretell an epic event.

Expect fireworks...

GREAT! - I love to see the top athletes really push each other! - Can we expect some youtube reporting, video really brings the event to life for us over sees! - Guillíaume Nerys telephone video's were already fun to watch, but I just love to see you guys go down, swim, and come up from these incredible depths!

by Kars on 2010-03- 18 15:06:17

only 3 women?! any WR holder poor!!! by Kurt on 2010-04- 12 22:22:37