William Trubridge: training results

Many people have been asking, so I thought I'd simplify things by posting the dive profiles of my best performances in CNF and CWT.

best CNF dive so far, 21/11/2009

best C WT dive so far, 22/ 11/2009

I have been training with copatriot Kerian Hibbs, who is doing a great job with safety, and this and the new glorope have allowed me to push out the depths with confidence. Two or three more training sessions to go and then the games begin...

Very informative :-) rnrnAll I could make out of this is that looks like you are doing one more stroke in your CNF compared to what I read somewhere a year ago. (28 back then). sure someone else will do the math ;-) by Eric van Riet Paap on 2009-11-22 14: 13:20

93 CNF, 120 CWT, come on Will we won‘t tell anything by odvan on 2009-11-22 14:58:14

We also heard you want try variable weight with Herbert? by odvan on 2009-11-22 15:09:32

Big numbers! Is Fred Buyle somewhere there? Can we hope to see some uw photos? by Lukasz Klimczak on 2009-11-22 15:37:34

Thanks for the support! I have cancelled the WR attempts for after the WC - too much going on! The official photographer for the World Champs will be Igor Liberti by will on 2009-11-22 19:07:43

There is another way to work out Wills depth. Get him to confess his divetime. While I was there we made a little game of anounce the depth and guess the divetime. He managed on more then one occasion to come up exactly on the minute and second he

predicted. He is a bit like a human robot, so with the data I gathered I should be able to calculate his depth based on his divetime assuming that one is correct (which I doubt since they are talking in code).rnGo for it Will by Glenn Venghaus on 2009-11-23 00:56:58

Good on ya Will, how come the others arent concerned and congratulating you on making it to the surface...depth means nothing if you don't make it to the top!!! (PS: it would be fair to say your dives are somewhere between 50m and 200m!) by Joy on 2009-11-23 15:02:22

Great Will I did the math (later I'll know if it was right)I think your PB in CNF is between 98-104 meters. After 20 years of training I'll be ready to beat your marks...mmm but probably in 20 years you will be exploring the marianas trench without fins by Frank Pemett on 2009-11-25 05:57:30

Well I compared 88 CNF record with last training in photoshop - I couldn\\\'t believe - it\\\'s looks like 98-100! by odvan on 2009-11-25 11:04:33

Well, you can stretch image files in photoshop... by sam trubridge on 2009-11-25 17:35: 19

Great posting Will, you sure know how to attract attention! Anyway maybe you can tell us mortals at what depth you do your last stroke? it looks like to reach the glide in just 6 strokes; very impressive! - many people with monofin need more. Your profiles look like clockwork, incredible flat and consistent. I hope you'll have good visibility so Igor can take some amazing photo'sI I also hope there are some people filming and putting together some Youtube video‘s. Will organising a WC is very much hard work, and participating at a competition too, amazing work and you'll for sure need a vacation after that, maybe want to join Sebastian‘s ‘Happy boat' ;-)

by Kars On 2009-11-26 12: 10:48

Bugged form, the post came out full of new line and return.rnAnyhow:rnChristian Maldamè says on his blog:rnWilliam Trubridge over 105m in CWT and 95m in CNFrnLink:rnhttp://www.underwaterfly.com/ by Thomas on 2009-11-27 11:09:56