Top times for DAY NINE - the finale!

The last day of Vertical Blue 2009 is already upon us...

Tomorrow Herbert will again attempt 120m, after having problems with his equipment today (a small float attached to his carabiner which was supposed to detach as soon as he started the descent, but didn't).

Leo and Robert will duel it out for the US national record in Free Immersion, William Winram will go for 90m in the same discipline, and William Trubridge will re-attempt the wickets - 111m with a monofin. 7 national records and one world record are on the line, but will the athletes have enough stamina to perform at their limits on the last day?

Announced .lnnnunced Record attempt?

Great list! I wish there was 'life-reporting'rnrnI quess Sara safes the big 100 for some other time. rnHerbert is making a very bold announcement, I love it when athletes truly seek their limits! by Kars on 2009-04- 11 02:34:36

I love it when people announce 99, (or any other 9's), when people anounce 40 just to be part of it and have a nice last dive without prestige, when the same national record is under attack in two consequtive dive. But Would it not have been nices if Leo and King shook ahnds and shared the same number.

by Sebastian on 2009-04- 11 07: 16:23