The last pull on the line to a Japanese national record Megumi surfacing from a Free Immersion dive ta 60m

Walid (above left) overcame some first­comp demons to net a confident dive to 60m without fins. His first few dives were perhaps made difficult by the use of a 2.2kg neck weight, which given his complete lack of body fat made him too negatively buoyant during the dive.

Eric Fattah (above right) exhaled and sank all the way to 71m, before sprintíng back up to the surface. The deepest FRC dive in competition thus far!

One of the stars of the day, Tomoko Yamanouchi (above) finally reached a national record in Constant Weight for Japan. She has been training hard in this discipline, and spectators said that she made the dive look easy, so Tomoko could soon be a major player in the world championships later this year.

William Trubridge is continuing with constant weight for now, and completed a comfortable 107m in 3:11. As yet the photographer hasn't managed to snatch a photo with his arms still, but we can assure you that William is using that appendage attached to his feet.

What does the first women to attempt 100m in CWT look like as she is breathing up on the surface? Sara Campbell swam to a depth of 67 body lengths today - the most ever by a freediver of any sex and came within a haír's breadth of making it. A few days of rest will definitely be on the cards for this valiant athlete before her next attempt.

The deep safety team, from left Antonio Cavallo, Simon Bennet and Marco Cosentino, who have been meeting the competitors at 30m on every dive. An event of this magnitude wouldn't be possible without a trained team of this calibre.

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