Top Times for DAY SIX

Today is the day Sara will attempt to be the first woman to reach the mythical 100m in self-propelled freediving.

William Winram and Herbert Nitsch have also announced world record attempts in the discipline of Constant Weight without fins, vying for 87 and 88 meters respectively...

Good luck everyone - Best wishes especially to Kerian & Sara and of course you Will cause you made it happen - It's not the number of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away :-) by Wendy on 2009-04-06 23:16: 12

Good luck to everyone, especially to Sara Campbell to brake 100 met in CWT..rnGo Sara by Vedrana on 2009-04-07 00:16:03

Good luck to all and especially Sara.rnPS: Sara, please do a WR in the other disciplines as well to help me win the competition. I know you can do it! by Arjen Costerus on 2009-04-07 01:59:30

How do you wish good luck to someone without implicating superstitions?rnrnGood putting skills, training, talent and experience put into one single dive Sara!rnrnHmm, sounds a bit cheesy, but hope you make it, that's all. by Simo Kurra on 2009-04-07 02:27: 10

Incredible deep cool numbers on the list, wow! Everybody Good luck and loads of fun! May you all be relaxed and focussed to retain your mouthful's! by Kars on 2009-04-07 02:54:06

Good Luck to every diver, specially to Sara, Herbert and Will!!! by Aniko Hrabovszky on 2009-04-07 03:56:32