Rest day...

What do the athletes and crew get up to on the off days at Vertical Blue?

The Atlantic coast of Long Island is rich in marine life, and the sharpshooters venture out to bring home a seafood dinner. Leo Muraoka (left) and safety divers Claudio and Marco Cosentino (right).

Some people can't get away from the Blue Hole, and return for a few quiet beers to contemplate their next three days of diving. William Winram on the balcony at Dean's...

this is simply the best picture ever by francesco on 2009-04-05 15:22:26

Photograph by Frederic I'm assuming? What a fantastic idea, and so well executed. by Phil Clayton on 2009-04-05 19:21:50

Really fantastic! Congratulations Willian for the meeting and happy easter for all! by Karol on 2009-04- 12 05:55:37