Vertical Blue ZOO9: THE WOMEN

Here they are: the sirens of Blue Hole for 2009. Seven of the best female freedivers currently active in the world. This year Vertical Blue will use 3 professional videographers and an editor, so every day we will be able to upload videos of these incredible girls in action.

Sara Campbell In 2007 Sara did the impossible, breaking all 3 freediving world records in 3 days in her home waters of Dahab. Afier taking a break in 2008 Sara is now back for her first iixture of 2009.

Kathryn McPhee 2008 was Kathryn's year, with national records in all the disciplines, and a world record in her specialty: dynamic no fins. She made her intentions clear at Vertical Blue 2008,

with a no fins dive to 50m, and having passed that barrier she will now be thinking about

catching up with Sara and the Russian NataIia‘s.

Ilaria Molinari

She has been the deepest Italian girl, and is a true siren ofthe deep. |laria‘s first AIDA competition was the teams world champs, and at Vertical Blue she will have the opportunity to show what she is capable of individually.

Jana Strain

Jana burst onto the scene in 2008, with a huge

dynamic apnea to net her a Canadian and pan

American record. As an ex-ballerina, her

powerful legs will now be tested for the first time in the depths of Dean‘s Blue Hole.

Megumi Matsumoto

Megumi was one ofthe

4| stars of Vertical Blue 2008,

5...- with a hat trick of Japanese

national records across all the disciplines. She has her work cut out for her

p now, as all three have

since been taken away by compatriots Kiîahama and Hirai.

W Tomoko built her performances in 2008, but was iust a step behind the tough competition amongst the

It:apanesse girls. a near perfect style and a lót of patiehce she will only`keep building, and 2009 could be

er year.

Georgina Miller

Stronger every year, George is a monofin specialist from England, who was part of the

British team in the 2008 World Championships.

Awesome in-list. Can't wait to get there and meet everyone!!! by KatFish on 2009-02-01 18:06:08

Any dates available for this event - and then the world champs event? by Paul Winter on 2009-02-02 03:43:32

Vertical Blue is April 1-11rnWorld Champs - to be announced by will on 2009-02-03 10:52:55

I want a t-shirt so I'll try. rnmalerncnf-W. Trubridge 90m 3:05rncwt not brokenrnfree imm. W. Trubridge 110mrnfemalerncnf unbrokenrncwt sara campbell 97mrnfreeimm sara campbell 88m by carla hanson on 2009-03-27 17:46:03