William Trubridge put another 2 meters on his no-fins world record, with a dive to 86.3m in a time of 3:20, the same as for the 84m record of last week. (more will be written on this when we find the time!)

Dave Mullins had a last valiant effort at the Constant Weight world record. Narcosis was once again a determinant factor. He made it to the plate, took a tag, lost it from his grip, tried to snatch it but missed (Dave does not wear any underwater vision equipment), then proceeded to unclip one of the carabiners which the tag was attached to, thinking this might suffice as a depth marker. Apparently it took him until 5m into the ascent before he succeeded in unclipping the carabiner. From there

he powered his way back towards the surface, but ran out of steam towards the end and was brought to the surface by Kerian Hibbs, today's safety diver.

William Trubridge breathing up before his new 86m world record in CNF


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You mean to say that Leo announced 51 m in CNF instead of by mouna ghossoub on 2008-04- 11 00:45:04