DAY SEVEN - Fatigue?

Eric signed off today with his last dive, an incredible 67m done on FRC (about half of total lung volume).

He says

'these dives don't seem to be getting any harder and it's almost annoying as it means I have to keep going deeperl'

Several athletes cancelled their dives when they woke this morning and discovered heavy limbs and sticky ears.

After announcing 101m Free Immersion William turned at 92m, encountering an early equalisation block that he says sometimes happens with the no warm-up method, even after only a couple of days off.

Dave was the last to go, and this looked to be his day, with the water

smoothing off to a glassy lens focussed on the depths.

Sometimes the

best conditions can lead to complacency, and Dave says he was lazy with his mouthfíll today, and had to turn at 109m with an equalisation block. The good news is that he rocketed to the surface in a total dive time of 3:17, a whole minute less than his time for 111m three days ago. A rest day tomorrow and then he will have another go.


Sweet! glad you are all having a great time out there

by Mike an 2008-04-07 14:38:01


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Good luck with all the remaining dives!