Eric Fattah

DOB: March 20, 1975

height: 6'0 / 183cm

weight: 175Ibs

lung volume: FRC 3.25L (full inhale or packing=unknown)

CWT WR: 82m, 2001 . National records: 2 STA, 3 DYN, 3 CWT

What is your favourite piece of music to listen to while visualising a freedive? I rarely listen to any music at all.

Who do you think is the most talented freediver of the opposite sex? I don‘t really like the word 'talentedi it reminds me of the word 'giftedj meaning a person who is born with incredible talentand doesnthave to train or practice atall, and still beats everyone. So my answer to who is the 'best' freediver of the opposite sex would be different than who is the most talented. lthink Mandy Cruickshank has worked at least as hard as any female freediver, although clearly Sara Campbell entered the scene with considerable talent.

What current opinion about freediving training do you think is mistaken? I am strongly against packing as well as diving on a full inhale. lbelieve that to overcome narcosis, DCS and deep blackout challenges, eventually people will dive on submaximal inhales or near FRC volume, and I also believe they will enjoy the sensations of diving far more, once they adopt thatstyle. l'rn also very used to people disagreeing with me. In 1999 lwas diving with a monofin and evelyone said there was no hope of ever breaking a record with a monofin. Now, nine years later, everyone uses a mono.

. Y -g Describe your most

beautiful freedive? The most enjoyable dive lever did was a recreational nosuit freedive, at Mermaid 's Cove in BC, Canada, in 2007. The flatboltom was at20m, and there is a large bronze mermaid sta tue amidst varied sea life. As

always lwas diving on FRC

volume, and sank the whole way down through the 10C thermocline and landed on the bottom. My skin and body felt so good and so warm, but cool. I saw many fish in the distance. lfelt so good I wished the moment would last forever. leventually swam over to the mermaid and played with some of the fish around her. Ulümatelyl surfaced with lots of air left after3’1 3. Another extremely memorable dive was a 32m FRC dive at Whytecliff park where I spotted a species thatis apparently unknown to science. lcould write a whole book about my memorable dives.

Favourite fish? (not to eat!) I would have to say rockfish, they bring back many good memories of diving.

Do you abstain from 'romance' the night before a big dive? Notnecessarily. What is the first thing you eat after a dive? I like to eat salt & vinegar Kettle Chips (potato chips).

The cliff overhanging Dean's Blue Hole is 10m high. Will you iump feet first, head first, or need to be pushed? None ofthe above!

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