Vertical Blue 2008 - Pick the records competition!!

A week out from the kick-off of Vertical Blue 2008 and it's time for a challenge for the spectators at home. Which records will be broken, by whom, and by how much?

. men's CNF - current record: 83m (Herbert Nitsch) I _ men's FIM - current record: 106m (Martin Stenanekt

. men's FIM - current record: 106m (Martin Stepanek) men's CWT - current record: 112m (Herbert Nitsch)

. women's CNF - current record: 56m (Sara Campbell) .women's FIM - current reoord: 81m (Sara Campbell) . women's CWT - current record: 90m (Sara Campbell)

You can win a stylish Vertical Blue team long-sleeve shirt by picking the right results. Just add a comment io this posi with your predictions for each record. :

Entry must be made by the end of April 31st, and ifs open only to those not present at Vertical Blue 2008.

I'll put a vote in for team kiwi ;)rnrn1. broken, Will Trubridge, 86mrn2. standsrn3. broken, Dave Mullins, 115mrn4. broken, Kathryn McPhee, 57mrn5. standsrnó. stands by Chris Marshall on 2008-03-24 22:01:43

1. broken, William Trubridge, 87mrnrn2. broken, William Trubridge, 111mrnrn3. broken, Dave Mullins, 115mrnrn4. broken, Nati Aveseenko, 59mrnrn5. broken, Nati Aveseenko, 83mrnrn6. broken, Nati Aveseenko, 92mrnrn by Martin Gmuer on 2008-03-25 02:51:50

1. broken, William Trubridge, 85mrn2. broken, william Trubridge, 107mrn3. broken, Dave Mullins, 114mrn4. standsrn5.

standsrn6. stands

by Balázs Horváth on 2008-03-25 03:05:31

1.broken (Trubridge, 84m) 2.broken(Trubridge, 110m) 3.broken (Mullins, 116m)4.Broken (McPhee 58m) 5.Stands 6.


by Rikard Larsson on 2008-03-25 03:34:58

1. broken, Trubridge, 85m.rn2. broken, Trubridge, 108m.rn3. broken, Mullins, 114m.rn4. broken, Aveseenko, 57m.rn5. broken, Aveseenko, 82m.rn6. broken, Aveseenko, 91m. by Costa on 2008-03-25 04:29:22

1. broken, Will Trubridge, 84mrn2. standsrn3. broken, Dave Mullins 114rn4. standsrn5. standsrnó. stands by Jiri B on 2008-03-25 06:18:57

1. Broken, Trubridge, 85m; 2. broken, Guillaume, 110; 3. broken, Mullins, 115m; 4. broken, Natalia, 57m; 5. broken, Natalia, 84m; 6. broken, Natalia, 95m by DN on 2008-03-25 10:09:49

1.Broken,Trubridge,86; 2.Broken,Trubridge,110; 3.Broken,Mullins,115m; 4,Broken,Aveseenko,58m. 5,Broken,Aveseenko,83m. 6,Broken,Aveseenko,92m by Saxstad on 2008-03-25 13:53:57

1.broken (Trubridge, 88m) 2.broken(Trubridge, 109m) 3.broken (Mullins, 114m)4.Broken (McPhee 59m) 5.Stands 6.


by Giacomo Arru on 2008-03-26 07:59:52

1.broken (Trubridge, 84m) 2.broken(Trubridge, 111m) 3.broken (Martin Stepanek, 109m) 4.Stands 5.broken(Sarah

Campbell,85m) 6.Stands by Stefano Nuvoli on 2008-03-26 08:05:43

Stefano, Martin Stepanek is not competing in Vertical Blue 2008, the record for CWT (number 3) is 112m. Do you want to

alter your prediction? by will on 2008-03-26 10:43:38

1.broken(Trubridge 85m)2.broken(Trubridge 108m)3.broken(Dave Mullins 114m)4..broken(Avseenko

57m)5.broken(Avseenko 82m)6.Stands by Aleksandar Jovanovic on 2008-03-26 15:03:45

1. broken, trubridge, 84mrn2. standsrn3. broken, mullins, 113mrn4. broken, mcphee, 57mrn5. broken, avseenko, 82mrn6. broken, avseenko, 91m by Sam Trubridge on 2008-03-27 02:58:27

1. standsrn2. broken, 111, Herbertrn3. standsrn4. standsrn5. standsrnó. standsrnrnSize of t-shirt: L by Sebastian on 2008-03-27 04:45:25

1.Broken William Trubridge, 85mrn2.Standsrn3.Broken David Mullins, 115mrn4.Standsrn5.Standsrn6.Stands by PerW on 2008-03-29 08:05:56

1.broken William Winram, 86m 2.stands 3. broken David Mullins 113m 4. stands 5. stands 6. stands by EmmaN on 2008-03-29 08:27:43

1.broken William Trubridge, 85m 2.stands 3. stands 4. stands 5. stands 6. stands by Evgeny on 2008-03-29 08:56:21

1. men's CNF - Broken, 89m, William Winram ; 2. men's FIM - Broken, 110m, Dave Mullins ; 3. men's CWT - Broken, 115m, Dave Mullins ; 4. women's CNF - Broken, 60m, Natalia Avcheenko ; 5. women's FIM - Broken, 82m, Natalia Avcheenko ; 6. women's CWT - standsrnrn

by Kars van Kouwen on 2008-03-29 09:21:03

If Herbert is not coming - I think Will T will walk away with FIM 107.rn by Sebastian on 2008-03-29 09:53:34

1. broken, 84 William Trubridge.\\r\\n2. stands.\\r\\n3. broken, 114 David Mullins.\\r\\n4. Broken, 60m, Natalia Avcheenko\\r\\n5. Stands.\\r\\n6. Stands.

by 5 Terre Academy on 2008-03-31 01:39:53

1. broken, William Trubridge, 87m. 2.broken, William Trubridge, 111m. 3.broken, Dave Mullins, 115m. 4.broken, Nati Aveseenko, 59m. 5.broken, Nati Aveseenko, 83m. 6.broken, Nati Aveseenko, 92m rn by Guillaume Vignot on 2008-03-31 13:06: 13

1.Broken - Trubridge, 85 mtsrn2.Broken - Trubridge, 107 mtsrn3.Standsrn4.Broken - McPhee, 57 mtsrn5.Standsrn6.Stands by Alejandro Andres on 2008-03-31 14:41:20

1 broken by Trubridge 85; 2 broken Stepanek 108;3 stands; 4 Aveseenko 58; 5 stands; 6 stands by roberto on 2008-03-31 15: 10:46

1Broken,William Trubridge(8 2William Trubridge(111)3broken,Mullins(114) broken 4 Aveseenko(90)5 stands,6stands by jimmy muzzone on 2008-04-01 01:06:08

Eric Fattah - 70m FRC by Christopher Morey on 2008-04-04 15:24:39

There were 3 people who finished on 9 (Alejandro) (Roberto) (Aleksandar)rnIn order to settle the tie-break: Alejandro, Aleksandar and Roberto need to send the anwver to this question (as a comment here) before the 17th April:rnHow many strokes were used to complete each of the following records (where one stroke is defined as: an armstroke legkick):rn- Natalia's 57m CNFrn- William's 86m CNFrnWe have counted the strokes as they are visible on the dive profile downloaded from the Suunto D4. Whoever is closest to the total number winslrn

by admin an 2008-04- 14 07:35:03