Kathryn McPhee

She is NZ's top femaie freediver of the moment, and has been smashing national records in both the pool and depth disciplines. Huge 8L lungs have powered her to a 7 minute breath hold and a personal best in dynamic no fins of 138m.

Kathryn is part of a groundbreaking group of Wellington freedivers who call themselves the ‘Lazy Seals' and which includes

Dave Mullins, Kerian Hibbs and Guy Brew.

Kathryn McPhee

National records: STA 5:46, CNF 36m, CWT56m

What is your favourite piece of music to listen to while visualising a freedive? I've never bcthered with music, I find it better to cover my eyes and find my own space.

Who do you think is the most talented freediver of the opposite sex? Kiwis Will and Dave of course.

What current opinion about freediving training do you think is mistaken?

Visualisation during statics.

Describe your most beautiful freedive? I would normally have my eyes closed or just be watching the line, so unfortunately the aesthetics of place do not really come into it.

Favourite fish? Seahorses

Do you abstain from 'romance' the night before a big dive? Intense physical activity is not condusive to a better dive.

What is the first thing you eat after a dive? Anything available.

The cliff overhanging Dean‘s Blue Hole is 10m high; Will you jump feet first, head first, or need to be pushed? probably need to be carried up the hill tc the edge and thrown over.

Follow Kathryn‘s progress on her blog: http://www.kathrynmcphee.blogspo1.com/

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