Dave Mullins - 'whatever' it takes

Dave's first world record was in spearfishing: a 156kg marlin, taken off the northern tip of New Zealand. After landing the fish with only a single banded gun he said he wouldn't shoot anymore of the species. However the same does not apply to Dave's recent freediving world record in dynamic no fins. He treats the pool disciplines as training for constant weight, and made his intentions known in Sharm last year when he dove to 110m at the world champs, the 3rd deepest dive in history.

With an arrival in the Bahamas on the 30th March Dave hasn't left himself much time for preparation, and his attempt at the WR could come down to a race to adapt to the conditions and to the 12 atmospheres of pressure he will experience more than half way to the bottom of the Blue Hole...


DOB: 02/02/1981 (Aquarius)

World record: DYN 244m National records: DNF 175m, CWT 100m silverAIDA WC CWT(110m)

What is your favourite piece of music to listen to while visualising a freedive? For the Love of it - Salmonella Dub

Who do you think is the most talented freediver of the opposite sex? Natalia Avseenko

What current opinion about freediving training do you think is mistaken? That static apnea is useful!

Describe your most beautiful freedive? A variable weight dive onto a pinnacle off the coast of New ZeaIand's Coromandel Peninsula. Without weights I had a long bottom time with big schools of golden snapper and pink maomao around me, and a school of kingfish buzzing back and forth. It was deep enough for a bit of a surreal feeling, but not so deep that I was narked or uncomfortable on the way up.

Favourite fish? (not to eat!) Warehou (deepwater NZ pelagic). Actually I also quite like to eat them...

Do you abstain from'romance‘ the night before a big dive? Only of the vigorous sort!

What is the first thing you eat after a dive? The first thing I can get my hands on.

The cliff overhanging Dean's Blue Hole is 10m high. VWII you jump feet first, head first, or need to be pushed? Feet first and with some reluctance. I don't mind depths, but I don't like heights.

I agree!! Static is a waste of time!! (unless you are just starting out...)rnrnHope it all goes well out there for everyone


by Mike Lott on 2008-03- 16 09:23:58