Kerian's goggles and Speedo noseclip

Since I first started training as a freediver I have always used the Cressi Minima, which has a low internal volume and fits me well. However over the last year I have been regularly hitting an equalisation barrier with the Minima at around 90m. Unlike the plastic Sphera (which collapses onto the face, and therefore doesn't need to be equalised after 30m), the Minima has a rigid frame and requires regular equalisation.

Although it's nice to be able to see clearly I knew that if I wanted to tackle any depth discipline other than CNF I would need to switch to fluid-filled goggles and a noseclip. This proved a lot more difficult than anticipated, mainly trying to deal with the air expanding against the noseclip (I can't stand rebreathing expanding air during the ascent!). I solved this problem by trading in my Paradisa noseclip for a $3 Speedo clip, which supplies just enough seal for me to equalise on the descent, but is leaky enough for expanding air to escape in the ascent. It's also a lot more hydrodynamic!

The fluid goggles came from friend, freediver and kiwi entrepreneur Kerian Hibbs. They are a simple but very effective, with a design that doesn't require gluing, and the nose-bridge piece can be varied for a perfect fit. Underwater vision is excellent, and the goggles are very comfortable to wear.

The results on my training have been instantaneous, and the other day I landed my first 100m dive in FIM, although the rope was getting a little bouncy at that depth...

Vertical Blue 2008 is here!!!

It is with great anticipation that we announce details of the first major competition to be organised by Vertical Blue in Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas...

16 of the world's best freedivers in the world's best freediving location, over 10 days of competition in CWT, CNF and FIM (constant weight, unassisted and free immersion). No record is safe, no limits will be accepted...

Watch this newsfeed for more information coming soon.


William Trubridge ex-unassisted freediving World Record Holder The host of the competition, New Zealander William Trubridge will be attempting to reclaim the world title in the purest discipline, unassisted freediving, which he set in Dean's Blue Hole last year, and which was recently taken from him by Herbert Nitsch.

Dave Mullins dynamic world record holder After smashing the dynamic world record Dave made his intentions clear at the Sharm World Champs with an incredible dive to 111m. This New Zealand diver is just getting warmed up, and with his 16L lungs he could take constant weight to a whole new level.

Guillaume Nery ex-constant weight World Record Holder The youngest freediver ever to hold a world record, and one of the most graceful with a monofin, Frenchman Guillaume Nery is in training to reclaim the constant weight world record taken from him by the Austrian Herbert Nitsch.

Natalia Avseenko As a swimmer, Natalia turned down the Russian Olympic team when she refused to take banned substances. In freediving she has found a sport where her purity is rewarded, and she is ready for some very deep unassisted freedives.

Eric Fattah ex-constant weight World Record Holder He was the first male freediver to set a world record with the monofin, but since then he has been conspicuously absent from the world scene. Eric's intellect and imagination have been behind many of the sport's recent major developments, and there is no knowing what tricks he still has to pull out of the book.

Karol Meyer Brazilian female freediving champion With huge performances across all the disciplines, Karol is one of the most experienced female freedivers and ICARE female freediver of the year for 2007.

William Winram 2007 bronze (pool) and silver (depth) at the AIDA world champs Having won numerous competitions and medals in both pool and depth world champs, William is only missing a world record to cement his place as one of today's greatest freedivers.

Ryuzo Shinomiya Japanese male freediving champion The phenomenal Japanese freediver who has just recently joined the elite club of 100m+ constant weight freedivers, Ryuzo isn't slowing down, and will be an imminent challenger for the world title.

Kathryn Mc Phee Elite New Zealand freediver Probably NZ's best female freediver, and a passionate no-fins specialist, Kathryn has a huge breath hold that she is only just beginning to convert into depths.

Theo Ivanovic Top US freediver He's hit his head on the bottom of the England quarries and is looking for a deeper hole... Theo has the US records in CWT and DYN.

Frank Pernett Elite Colombian freediver An expert in pulmonary physiology, Frank applies his knowledge to his greatest passion, freediving, and will attempt a NR in Dean's Blue Hole.

Tomoko Yamanouchi Elite Japanese freediver

Kerian Hibbs Elite New Zealand freediver As a member of the elite 200m dynamic club, Kerian is looking to convert his talent in the pool into depth. A background in endurance and multisports mean he has a great fitness base, and with a freediving career of only 2 years Kerian is still improving quickly.

Leo Muraoka Elite American freediver Apnea Academy instructor and citizen of Hawaii

Megumi Matsumoto Elite Japanese freediver

Christian Maldame Elite French freediver

Natalia Avseenko